A bomb disposal team was called to a Somerset beach after old explosive devices used during WW2 were discovered among rocks.

Watchet Coastguard and Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard teams were tasked to Kilve beach following the discovery of two pieces of military ordnance.

While searching the shoreline, a third projectile was also found lying in a rockpool. It is believed the military shell had been exposed by recent stormy weather and fell onto the beach as a result of cliff landslides.

The discovery was made on March 23rd but the Coastguard has only just issued details.

A Coastguard spokesman says: “During World War Two the area between Lilstock Beach and Kilve Beach was used by allied forces to practise tank firing on targets which were towed across the clifftop fields.”

“Some of the projectiles would have entered the sea and others landed in the soil of the field and with coastal erosion now exposed and fallen onto the shoreline.”

An Army bomb disposal team was called to the beach to deal with the munitions and a cordon was put in place. The ordnance was then detonated and the beach re-opened.

The spokesperson added: “The three projectiles were carefully removed from the rock area and taken to a part of the beach where they were buried into the sand and primed with an explosive and detonator and safely destroyed.”

Anyone who finds something suspicious on the beach should not pick it up, record the location and dial 999 and inform the coastguard.

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