Brean Down search

A multi-agency search was launched for a missing person in Brean on Saturday (July 18th).

Police officers and teams from Burnham Coastguard, Weston RNLI and Burnham’s BARB Search & Rescue were called to Brean Down to search for the missing man.

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman said: “You may have noticed a flurry of activity around the Brean Down area. We were tasked just after mid-day to assist the Police with a search for a missing male who was thought to be in the local area.”

“One of the lifeboats from Weston RNLI was launched to search along the side of the Down where they can get a good view of areas we can’t see from the top.”

“Burnham Coastguard set about quickly searching the immediate area of the Fort and any outlying buildings nearby. Once this was done the search team headed back over the top of the Down and covering areas offroad.”

“BARB had been requested to help us boost numbers to saturate the search area. With their added numbers, we covered the base of Brean Down on foot, the track leading to the River Axe, the Quarry end of Brean Down and small path joining the two and we also covered parts of the beach.”

“The Police helicopter was also in attendance and was checking different focal points locally and beyond.”

“With no new information coming through, it was decided that we had covered all our designated areas and we were able to stand down and return to our respective stations for a thorough clean down and decontamination ready for the next call out.”

“This was great multi-team working and another fine example of the area we can cover quickly when needed.”

Police are continuing their inquiries into the missing person.

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